Innovative and unique AM-TANK 40 GAS Low profile to fit under truck bed cover. First portable tank in the market with special design to fit between bed wheel arches and under any type of tonneau cover. AM-TANK 40 GAS enables drivers and users to save space on truck bed and protect tank and tools under tonneau cover from weather conditions and possible thefts. AM-TANK 40 GAS guarantees long product life, better management of truck bed spaces, better truck balance during transport. AM-TANK 40 GAS provides the convenience of a portable refueling station for farm, construction, recreation, industrial, and fleet markets. Simply hook these self-contained tanks come with a 12-volt power source and start pumping with the hose and automatic nozzle. Easily transport the Carrytank to a vehicle or leave it in a convenient spot onsite.

Colors available:

  • Black tank with Red lid (New style)
  • Red tank with Grey lid

Tanks are equipped with:

  • Rugged roto-molded new generation polyethylene giving to the tank antistaticity and semi-conductivity. These fundamental characteristics allow electrostatic charges (created by dry atmospheres, long transits or by waves of fuel when tank is half-empty) to be grounded, making all the filling and refueling operations safe and sparkless.
  • 12V continuous duty, explosion-proof (ATEX certified), 8gpm pump equipped with ON/OFF switch and 16ft wire cables and clamps. Safety thermal protection, compact and sturdy design, reduced noise level and self-priming
  • 13ft antistatic flexible hose with UL listed automatic nozzle
  • Level indicator to check fuel inventory
  • 2” filling plug equipped with three-effects (pressure/de-pressure/overturning) air vent device
  • Integrated forklift pockets (to lift when full) and ntegrated handles (to lift when empty)
  • Integrated grooves for securing with ratchet lashing straps during transport
  • Integrated covering lid to provide protection against bad weather conditions, UV rays and equipped with lockable draw latches
  • Rugged linear polyethylene construction
  • Fits easily in the bed of a pickup truck below the truck bed sides
  • Internal baffle prevents sloshing during transport


  • Nominal capacity: 40 gal [150 lt]
  • Tank total length: 38,78 in [98.5 cm]
  • Tank total width: 23.1 in [58.5 cm]
  • Tank total height: 18,3 in [46.5 cm]
  • Tank total weight**: 65 lbs [30 kg]

**(including fuel unit and accessories)