Portable 29-gallon tanks manufactured in high-density linear roto-molded polyethylene for the safe and reliable transport of Gasoline and Diesel. AM-TANK 29, featuring a unique design with ergonomic grip for easy handling and lifting, are equipped with puncture proof wheels suitable for transport on any surface.
The structure, devoid of sharp corners, and the reinforcement ribs give great strength and resistance. Thanks to versatility and ease of use, AM-TANK 29 allows almost unlimited refueling operations both in professional fields and in sport or leisure activities.

Tanks are equipped with:

  • 2” filling plug equipped with three-effects (pressure/de-pressure/overturning) air vent device
  • Integrated recesses for securing with ratchet lashing straps during transport
  • Suction net filter to stop and separate impurities
  • Top handle for easy gripping and lifting
  • Lower safety ball valve
  • Lower housing for lifting
  • Wheels and foot support
  • Front nozzle holder

Fuel Transfer Unit:

  • Manual rotary hand pump
  • 10 ft. of flexible dispensing hose
  • Manual nozzle

• Nominal capacity: 29 gal [110 lt]
• Tank total length: 47,2 in [120 cm]
• Tank total width: 19,6 in [50 cm]
• Tank total height: 19,6 in [50 cm]
• Tank total weight**: 33 lbs

**(including fuel unit and accessories)