Portable 253-gallon tanks manufactured in high density linear roto-molded polyethylene for the safe and reliable transport and supply of Diesel only. AM-TANK 253 offers a lightweight, robust, and portable tank solution giving users the ultimate convenience to refuel their fleet remotely on-site. Assembled and ready to use, this innovative tank can be easily loaded on the back of the pick-up truck and quickly plugged to the truck battery.

Tanks are equipped with:

  • 2” filling plug equipped with three-effects (pressure/de-pressure/overturning) air vent device
  • Its transparency also allows a constant sight monitoring of the fuel level
  • It can be easily washed with regular detergents thanks to its highly smooth surface
  • Side pockets, reinforced by zinc-coated carbon steel profiles, allow lifting with forklift (full load)
  • Integrated top hooks (to lift when empty)
  • Integrated and lockable covering lid to provide protection against bad weather conditions, UV rays
  • Suction net filter to stop and separate impurities
  • 220 mm diameter top hatch with lockable screw lid for maintenance and cleaning
  • Internal breakwater ball to balance the vehicle during the transport with half-full tank

Fuel Transfer Unit:

  • 12 GPM Diesel DC Transfer Pump (12V, 300 Watt, 22 Amp, Duty Cycle: 30 minutes on/off, 2900 RPM, ON/OFF switch, IP55 rated)
  • 13 ft. Cable with clamps
  • 13 ft. of flexible dispensing hose
  • A60 Auto-nozzle

• Nominal capacity: 253 gal [960 lt]
• Tank total length: 70,8 in [180 cm]
• Tank total width: 39,3 in [100 cm]
• Tank total height: 39,3 in [100 cm]
• Tank total weight**: 249 lbs [113 kg]
**(including fuel unit and accessories)