AM-TANK 155 GAS offers a lightweight, robust, and portable tank solution giving users the ultimate convenience to refuel their fleet remotely on-site. Assembled and ready to use, this innovative tank can be easily loaded on the truck bed and quickly plugged to the truck battery. UN marked, DOT approved, explosion proof equipment, ATEX/IECEX certification, UL listed fuel equipment, antistatic hoses, grounding cable. ADR/RID/ADN/IMDG homologation for road, rail, inland waters and maritime fuel transport.

  • EX50 cULus-listed fuel transfer pump, 12V, flow-rate: 15 gpm at-the-nozzle, duty cycle: 30 min, anti-noise filter, thermal protection, explosion-proof
  • 20 ft cable with safety bipolar connector and clamps for battery connection
  • 26 ft. antistatic and flexible dispensing hose with UL listed automatic nozzle
  • Level indicator to check fuel inventory
  • 2” filling plug equipped with three-effects (pressure/de-pressure/overturning) air vent device
  • Integrated lifting lugs and integrated forklift pockets (to lift when full) and integrated handles (to lift when empty)
  • Integrated grooves for securing with ratchet lashing straps during transport
  • Integrated covering lid to provide protection against bad weather conditions, UV rays and equipped with lockable draw latches
  • O-ring quick connections (no sealants) to ease maintenance and installation of additional equipment (filter, meter, additional hose etc.)
  • Internal breakwater baffles to guarantee balance to the truck during fuel transport. Internal cones to provide ultimate resistance against deformation

• Nominal capacity: 155 gal [600 lt]
• Tank total length: 50,7 in [129 cm]
• Tank total width: 33,8 in [86 cm]
• Tank total height: 37 in [94 cm]
• Tank total weight**: 114 lbs [170 kg]
**(including fuel unit and accessories)