AM-TANK 155 DIESEL offers a lightweight, robust, and portable tank solution giving users the ultimate convenience to refuel their fleet remotely on-site. Assembled and ready to use, this innovative tank can be easily loaded on the truck bed and quickly plugged to the truck battery. UN marked, DOT approved. ADR/RID/ADN/IMDG homologation for road, rail, inland waters and maritime fuel transport. AM-TANK 155 DIESEL provides the convenience of a portable refueling station for farm, construction, recreation, industrial, and fleet markets. Simply hook these self-contained tanks come with a 12-volt power source and start pumping with the hose and automatic nozzle. Easily transport the Carrytank to a vehicle or leave it in a convenient spot onsite.

Colors available:

  • Green Tank with dark Grey lid (new style)
  • Black tank with Grey lid

Tanks are equipped with:

  • 10.5 GPM Diesel DC Transfer Pump (12V, 300 Watt, 22 Amp, Duty Cycle: 30 minutes on/off, 2900 RPM, ON/OFF switch, IP55 rated) and 20ft wire cables with clamps
  • Water and particulate separator filter. Filtering capacity 30 µm.
  • 26 ft flexible hose with automatic nozzle
  • Level indicator to check fuel inventory
  • 2” filling plug equipped with three-effects (pressure/de-pressure/overturning) air vent device
  • Integrated lifting lugs and forklift pockets (to lift when full) and integrated handles (to lift when empty)
  • Integrated grooves for securing with ratchet lashing straps during transport
  • Integrated covering lid to provide protection against bad weather conditions, UV rays and equipped with lockable draw latches


  • Nominal capacity: 155 gal [600 lt]
  • Tank total length: 50,7 in [129 cm]
  • Tank total width: 33,8 in [86 cm]
  • Tank total height: 37 in [94 cm]
  • Tank total weight**: 170 lbs [77 kg]

**(including fuel unit and accessories)