Skid-mounted double skin innovative tanks, made in roto-molded high density polyethylene for the safe storage and supply of Diesel (assembled and ready to use). Compact, sturdy, resistant to low temperatures, UV rays and any type of weather conditions.

Tanks are equipped with:

  • External tank designed to contain 110% of the internal tank’s nominal volume
  • Electrical switchboard with mushroom-type emergency push button
  • Padlocked reinforced top lid with gas stoppers and lockable hinges
  • Leak detector system to check the interstitial space between walls
  • 2” lockable filling quick cap
  • Mechanical overfill prevention valve calibrated to interrupt the fuel flow at 90% of the tank’s geometric capacity
  • Vent device with flame arrestor mesh
  • Mechanical float operated tank contents gauge with planetary gear, adjustable scale in cm
  • Safety system for blocking pump at minimum level
  • Front and lateral forklift pockets

Fuel Transfer Unit:

  • 15 GPM Diesel Transfer Pump (120V/60Hz, 650 Watt, 7.5 Amp, Duty Cycle: 20 minutes on/off, 3450 RPM, 48.5 lbs, IP55 rated)
  • 3-Digit Mechanical Meter (in gal)
  • 20 ft. of dispensing hose
  • A60 Auto-nozzle

• Nominal capacity: 870 gal [3300 lt]
• Tank total length: 7,71 ft [235 cm]
• Tank total width: 3,69 ft [113 cm]
• Tank total height: 5,90 ft [180 cm]
• Tank total weight**: 705 lbs [320 kg]
**(including fuel unit and accessories)